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Oh! So you're an engineer!

Erin Supinka on Thursday, 29 September 2011.

Well, no, no I am not. I’m actually a Journalism major. But that’s okay, because I know how awesome RIT is for engineer majors.

I’m just not one of them.

So what’s it like being a journalism student at a technology school?

Simply put: it’s awesome. Seriously.

To be honest, I was a little nervous at first about coming here. I mean, a liberal arts major? Do you think I’ll really get a lot of opportunities? Or if they will even really care? Well, that answer came quickly within the first few weeks of my first quarter.

One of my professor was a recently retired news editor for the local newspaper, Democrat and Chronicle. Not only did she hand me my butt on the first few assignments, she gave me a real taste of what it really was like to work in a newsroom. Real life scenarios in her class had me sweating as if I had a real job as a journalist and my career was on the line.

Sounds stressful. It was. But such a great learning experience that gave me so much knowledge despite the many near break downs along the way.

Now this year, first quarter again (it must be first quarter magic), my Political Reporting class is working with that same paper, the Democrat and Chronicle, and actually blogging on their site about the upcoming elections.

A real newspaper is interested in what we, the students, have to say. And people are actually reading the posts.

I’m covering the City Council portion of elections and although dull sounding at first, this stuff is actually pretty interesting. Not to mention it’s an awesome experience as well as a way to make incredible connections down the road.

In November my class might actually be in the newsroom as the election is going on, running around and working on things right alongside the journalists who do this for a living. Talk about a hands on experience.

There’s definitely a lot of work that goes into this project we’re doing, but hey, that’s real life for you. Luckily, I’m learning to manage it with a ton of resources to help me along the way.

Don’t be intimidated by the word “technology” in RIT’s name, because there’s definitely love for all majors here.

Check out the my blog on the Democrat and Chronicle and my classmate’s too. Click here and it’ll take you right to the blog. Then of course, you can follow me and my daily adventures, here!