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Okay, I lied.

Emily Okey on Sunday, 20 December 2009. Posted in Student Life

For the past year during admissions events, on my blog and on tours, I've always said that I moved up to Rochester for the snow because Maryland never gets any (and doesn't know how to handle it). Guess that is now a false statement. As of last night we officially got 23 inches of snow! It was ridiculous. I flew home on Thursday afternoon after my last class. My sister was just casually mentioning that we were supposed to get 5 or so inches of snow. That amount seems quite reasonable so I didn't think anything of it. By Friday morning the weather channel had changed it to 8-10 and by mid-afternoon it said up to 2 feet. They were right! 

However, Maryland does not yet know how to handle this amount of snow so I got to witness the flood of people to the grocery stores for bread and milk (the grocery store was literally wiped out of everything). It snowed from Friday night until late Saturday night. In the meantime, we're having fun being snowed in! It's convenient that this happened AFTER I flew home and not in the middle of it or else I would not have been too happy about the snow.

Did anyone else experience a large amount of snow in the past few days? 

I'll leave you with some pictures. The first is quite possibly the world's largest icicle, it was pretty crazy.