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omg co-op!!!

Amanda Lasicki on Wednesday, 26 September 2007. Posted in Co-op

so, today was (as sarah already wrote) the career fair!! she already mentioned what it was, so i won't go in detail about, but i can talk about what i got out of two interviews!! yeah!

i talked with apple, fisher price (who gave me a free toy!!), hallmark (gave me cards), american greetings, think patented, and quad graphics. the last two are the ones i got interviews with for tomorrow. apple isn't doing interviews until october and hallmark and american greetings want online follow ups. some other companies (there were easily 200) included honda, toyota, microsoft, kraft, colgate, general mills...even wegmans!! when i told one of my back-home friends about it, he was like "wait, for co-ops these companies come to find you guys??" he couldn't believe it.

oh one thing sarah forgot to mention, yeah everybody as all dressed up nice BUT it was 80 degrees and humid and gross. so that kinda ruined the fun. oh and if there are still people who believe rochester is a tundra, i think today was most definitely proof it is not.

and last but not least, a swing dance update. i went to club, my partner had to miss it for some semi-lame reason. outside of class, it is not unheard of for us to start dancing in the middle of some public space like a computer lab or the student alumni union. we also now watch youtube videos of swing dance and try and point out moves. our new plan is to practice all winter and then when it gets warm out just start dancing over by the tiger statue. but i didn't tell you all that!!

now that i've sort of tackled this career fair thing, next on my list is STUDY ABROAD!!