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on a happier note

Amanda Lasicki on Tuesday, 17 April 2007. Posted in Student Life

i did write a nice happy entry but it didn't go through. BASICALLY some things i profiled:

- college students love free food.
- ben and jerry's gave away free ice cream today.
- RIT has a ben and jerry's on campus.
- that makes me (about 15,000 other people) happy.
- i had TWO cones today.
- and i tired two new flavors.
- go me!

- it just so happened that free cone day fell on a tuesday.
- tuesday nights are "family night" here at the house.
- my roommates and i eat dinner together and watch tv and generally catch up.
- tonight we had bacon cheese burgers.
- i thought i was going to have to miss it because of rehearsal.
- as it turns out, i'm missing rehearsal!
- this is thanks to a stupid paper.

- tomorrow i have a three pages paper due.
- in like three weeks i have a six page paper due.
- stupid me did the six page paper this weekend.
- and now i'm writing the three page one.

and one last note.
today, we are all hokies.  <3