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one fish, two fish...

Amanda Lasicki on Wednesday, 01 February 2006.

thank goodness for wireless internet. it gets me through many a dull moment on the academic side. AND once the residential side has wireless, i will always always always have my laptop with me.

i managed to fix the problem with "uploading" pictures. it turns out that i can't actually upload them, i have to kinda link them back to my picture site. oh well. i wanna be able to show off my pictures.

fish in fish  fish on fish!

we've had some weird occurances lately in my building. i live in fish. yeah, i know, weird name for a residence hall but all of them are named after people. hey, all i have to say is at least my building isn't named after peter peterson. who does that to their kid? ANYWHO. the two pictures above. the one on the left is a line of fish tanks in the hall. my friend came into my room and was like "dude there's fish in the hallway." and sure enough there were lots of fish in fish. don't worry, they're not orphan fish. their owner was rearranging her room and put the fish in the hallway during the process. the other picture was taken on my way to work the other morning. i get to the door and there's like finding nemo on our doorstep. the reason it was taken from so far away was because i was trying to get the fish sign above the door, but thanks to the sun it got blown out. oh well.

me and lanie on our bikes

and lastly, i leave you a picture of me and lanie on our bikes that we got for christmas. that was literally like five min after we got them. i was doing a photo project, so i took the picture with my film camera, developed the negatives, then scanned them and edited the picture [removing dust and scratches, getting rid of the reddish tint] with photoshop.

now it's time for art history. yay?