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One more week.

Jane Homan on Thursday, 22 January 2009. Posted in Academic Calendar, The Arts

Down to the last week of rehearsals before opening night of Little Shop. This last week will involve me either at class, doing homework, sleeping, or at rehearsal. If I'm really desperate for sleep, sometimes when I'm not onstage I'm in between the rows of seats in the auditorium catching a quick nap. The best part of the show (besides everything about the show being amazing), is the choreography. We have a great choreographer named Mark Davis. He was in the original cast of the Broadway show The Lion King, and has worked with many other famous and talented dancers. He's great to work with, I've learned actually to dance thanks to him, and now know how to move my feet. He worked with us last year for On The Twentieth Century, and now has dedicated lots of his time to this show. The dance number between Mushnik and Seymour for Mushnik & Son, is a great one, and you will be falling out of your seats laughing. The Ronettes look great as they dance and sing their songs, and Skid Row is an amazing way to open up the show. I'm sure without Mark Davis, the show wouldn't be as lively and we've all learned more then just choreography from him, but also how to love the stage.

Mark Davis with the Ronettes

More to come about Little Shop as the opening night approaches! =)
Come see the show: Jan. 29 - Thursday - 8pm
            Jan. 30 - Friday - 8pm
            Jan. 31 - Saturday - 8pm
            Feb. 1 - Sunday - 2pm