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Orientation 2007

Adam Richlin on Monday, 16 April 2007. Posted in Orientation, Student Life

I made OA!

I just got the letter!

Every year, RIT hires 135 or so upperclass students to be Orientation Assistants (OA's) for two weeks and help the incoming students familiarize themselves with campus before the school year begins in september.

I had a great experience in orientation when I was a newbie. I had Greg Caggiano for an OA and he was quite a quirky person. We went bowling with him, we told stories to eachother in the rain... it was great. He was a quintessential art student... I dont know how to explain it so well, but lets just say he was the only RA with a furry tail.

So now I want to be an OA. I loved it when I did it, so I want to go back and do it again! There's something thrilling about introducing new people to my world... I like doing tours of campus and showing people around and saying "Welcome to the world I live in. Welcome to my life" I get some sort of odd amusement and joy out of doing that. I guess being an OA is kind of like being a tour guide.

I get to go back for fall quarter two weeks early... like August 20th or something (note to self- I gotta check that date). We then have a week of training, followed by a week of hardcore orienteering!

See y'all in the fall!

(I couldnt resist the rhyme)