Christina Brooks on Wednesday, 05 January 2011. Posted in Advising & Support, Coursework

Because RIT is on the quarter system, our holiday break falls after week 3 of our second quarter. Breaks are always awesome, though. What I’m sure most RIT students did was catch up on sleep, see family and friends, and indulge on home-cooked meals. However, if you’re anything like me, you also procrastinated on assignments over the break, leaving all of the homework for back at school. So when coming back to RIT the day after New Years, I had to buckle down and get work done! Thankfully, I have all of it done but it was still overwhelming.

Getting overwhelmed is common at any college, with having to juggle homework, a social life, and sleep! However, there are tons of stuff to do to help cope. Here’s some things I’ve found to help me out when I feel overwhelmed or just need to get some stress off my back:

-Make a to-do list. It helps me organize everything I need to do and helps me set a timeline for when they need to be done. It also feels so fulfilling when you do finish something on the list and cross it off.

-Take 10-30 minutes to have a private karaoke party. Sometimes, my roommate and I even rock out to some tunes. I don’t know about you guys, but for me singing obnoxiously to some of my favorite songs helps get some stress out.

-Play some video games! Granted, not too much because the homework does need to get done, but just enough to forget about the stress for a little bit.

-Go hang out with friends!  One thing I love about my floor in the residence halls is that I can always count on someone having their door open so I can just pop in and hang out for a bit. Friends are also great to vent to about stressful assignments or play video games with!

-See a movie! RIT’s CAB (College Activities Board) puts on a movie every Thursday night for students in Ingle Auditorium (the largest auditorium on campus located in the Student Alumni Union).

So while college can get overwhelming at times, it’s part of the experience! It helps you become better at time-management and learn how to produce art pieces or papers under a time constraint. Unfortunately, there are no free homework passes in college. If only! =)

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