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Packaging Science Career Fair

Brian Lopipero on Monday, 02 February 2009. Posted in Co-op

Hello again…

Some of you may or may not know that RIT is a career-focusedcollege, and this means that they actively engage in finding students both fulltime and co-op positions.  Wellthis is really a great thing because I am a fourth year who is getting ready tograduate and get a full time job. I’m really glad that there are so many resources available to me to finda great job or co-op.  The firstone is JobZone.  This is an onlinejob search engine with listings for both full time and co-op positions.  One of the best features is being ableto search by location.  Another availableresource is the co-op office. Every student is assigned a co-op advisor, and your advisor will sendyou emails with information on available positions.  I get so many emails a day from mine it is annoying butgood.  They will also help youwrite and proof read your resumes, cover letters, and reference.


In my opinion the best most exciting resource is the careerfair.  Lucky for me there is a packagingscience career fair this Wednesday, February Fourth.  I’m actually a chairperson for the fair this year, and thatmeans I coordinated the student/company host.  Anyways the packaging career fair has over 20 companiesattending with some looking for full timers and others looking for co-ops.  Last year the fair went well.  I went on the first day and scheduled 9interviews for co-op positions.  Atthe end of the day everyone heads out for a giant packaging science party, andthis is a great opportunity to speak with the employers on a more personallevel before the interview.  The nextday I had my nine interviews and received 7 offers within three days of theinterviews.  I’m hoping I will havejust as much success this year, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’tnervous.


I should also mention that companies give away a ton of freestuff at the career fair.  I got afree thing of kitty litter last year, and Johnson and Johnson gave away free KYJelly.  SC Johnson also gavestudents huge gift bags filled with all different kinds of product along withProctor and Gamble (aka Axe).  Itis a really fun time.


Well wish me luck and thanks for reading.  Post some comments or questions!!!