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Park Point RIT

Casey Bitzberger on Monday, 15 March 2010. Posted in Residence Life

I’ve done two posts on my previous housing…so I might as well keep the trend going as I lived at only one other residence besides the Gleason Residence Hall my Freshman year and University Commons apartments my current Junior year. My Sophomore year, I lived in Park Point.



What is park point?


Well, it’s this amazing newly built apartment complex that sits right next to the RIT campus. At its heart is the bookstore, which is a Barnes and Noble’s. Little shops like Lovin’ Cup, Abbot’s Ice Cream, Wok With You, and Paradiso Pizza surround the book store and above the shops are apartments that house single and double apartments. To the left and right of this area are other apartments that house 3, 4, and 5 person apartments and townhouses.



I lived in the 700’s (the other, less cool, side was where the 600’s apartments were) in a four-person town house. I lived there with three awesome girls who were all Graphic Designers. We were all clean and smart and got free stuff when we signed up to live in Park Point. I got Sweatpants :)




My bedroom was green and had beautiful wood furniture, my window overlooked a wooded area, and I no longer had to walk to school everyday as the shuttle system (the buses) dropped my off on the academic side of campus every day (I got to catch up on my reading every time I got on the bus!).




I really enjoyed my time at Park Point. My house was beautiful, my roommates were awesome girls, and everything was brand new. I was also really close to the shops and night life that Park Point has and enjoyed being close to the bookstore. The only thing that could move me from that apartment complex was the offer to move into a UC apartment. The benefits of a UC outweighed that of Park Point in that it was right on campus, cheaper, and something new to try out.


And for the record: I took these pictures right as I moved in during Fall quater. Though I am a clean freak, my room rarely ever looked like this again in terms of being ridiculously clean :)