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Part Two

Emily Okey on Wednesday, 15 April 2009. Posted in Rochester & Monroe County, Student Life

We're currently halfway through week… six? I have no idea where all of the time went. I’m less than 5 weeks away from finishing my freshman year of college. It’s a slightly scary if you stop and think about it. This quarter is passing at lightning speed, I find that I actually have to sit down and look at a calendar to figure out what time it is because I can't keep track anymore. 19 credits is going well, I have a surprising amount of free time to hang out with people despite all of the homework. 


I can’t let Amanda completely take over the blog page, so I decided to finish my post from last time on things I like/don’t like about campus.


Let’s start with… The Weather


First off, if the number one priority in your college search is weather, don’t come here…unless you’re really excited about snow. That being said if it’s not the number one concern, don’t let the weather rule out any of your choices. The weather does not make or break your experience here, sure it is a tad annoying sometimes because during the winters we have to bundle up to go outside but its not like we live in some arctic tundra there are nice days too, don't worry! In fact, today was sunny at 55 and it's supposed to be even nicer on Friday. For some reason, I had my heart set on going to school up north, maybe it’s because I never really got a sense of what winter really was in Maryland so I didn’t really have any idea what I was getting myself into. When I would tell people where I was going to college the first response (other than they’ve heard that RIT is a really good school) was “do you know that it snows there?!?!” No kidding guys. There are these nifty inventions called jackets and boots—they work!! Aside from the random days of snow we’ve gotten in the past week, I can officially say that I’ve made it through my first “real” winter. RIT has these other cool things called heaters, which actually keep the dorms and academic buildings warm! For anyone who is worried about trudging to class in 6 feet of snow, first off I’d like you to know that, no, it does not snow 6 feet in a day around here and second, they are really good about clearing away the snow! I remember growing up and at the first slight of snow everyone would freak out and stay inside. Here it’s such a frequent occurence that I wouldn’t even realize that it was snowing sometimes. And you'll get used to the weather really quickly, I know I definitely consider 39 to be "warm weather" -- seriously, you'll see people out in shorts and flip flops sometimes. 


Things to Do on Campus


Aside from the weather, this seems to be the main topic of concern for incoming freshman. Will I be able to have a life outside of school work?? The answer is a huge YES. It's college, moving to a new place is automatically going to broaden your list of possible activities for the simple reason that everything is new. I remember the first week of school my roommate and I would wander around in the tunnels just exploring and goofing around. A lot of the bloggers, including myself, have blogged about different things that we do on the weekend including Eight Beat Measure Concerts (Amanda's blog), RIT Player's Performances (Jane's blog), a Banff Mountain Film Festival (My blog), playing an intramural sport (Andrew's blog), hanging out at Java Wally's a coffee shop on campus (Alissa's blog), or simply watching TV with a bunch of friends (Amanda's blog). The only person that is going to stop you from having any fun is yourself. Get out and try something new! 


Rochester, in general

With all of that said, if for some reason you find yourself wanting to explore off campus, Rochester has plenty to offer. Movies 10 just down route 15 is a popular movie place because it only costs $2. Better yet, you can see any movie on Tuesday's for just a dollar. These are all movies that have already been in theaters but have not yet come out on DVD. Just across the street from the movie theater is Jay's Diner which happens to serve breakfast 24 hours a day. What more could you ask for? As you venture further downtown there are various parks and places to hang out. Downtown there is the Strong National Museum of Play, the George Eastman house, and the Blue Cross Arena. Also located downtown is the Little Theater which shows Independent Movies, the public market which is open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays year round,  Just 30 minutes from RIT, is Charlotte Beach (located on lake Ontario) which is complete with swings, a pavilion, picnic tables and, of course, what is a beach without some sand! The point of this is to show that there is no shortage of things to do around here, you just have to look. 

Now, I think I should probably go get my laundry out of the washer before the Accepted Students Chat tonight @ 7!!