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Amanda Lasicki on Sunday, 26 November 2006.

well hello there!! it feels like forever since i wrote, even though it was only two weeks ago. don't worry, i wasn't killed by finals or turkey. a nice bout of mono is keeping me a little more subdued than usual, but that's about it.

finals went well. i had another dream about school, but it was a good one! i dreamt that i got an 87 on my m&p test which is what i needed to get an A. turns out i actually got an 89. go me, go me. *does happy dance*

i've been home for a week now, filling up on sorts of new fairfield goodness like time with the sisters, seeing school plays, going to putnam diner, and watching reruns on nickelodean. remember the show figure it out? mmmm...thats good stuff right there. good clean fun. well, until you go and attempt one of the talents before the disclaimer at the end of the show which says "kids do not try this at home"...but that's a whole other story.

the biggest news is that i won a major battle in world war III aka me vs. my mom. this time next week, i will be DRIVING from the dorms to my townhouse. yes, yes, me, driving MY CAR. my wonderful car of many names. driving my ghetto mobile/tank/minivan/boris. i am pumped. i love my car. it earned the name ghetto mobile from ange cause she thinks it's ghetto that it doesn't have power locks. for where i live, i guess that is pretty ghetto, but my friends at school have some real old cars. me and pj call it the tank cause it's HUGE. during one summer, elena and i were naming everybody's cars based on the last three letters in the license plate. mine are MNV [please don't stalk me] so thats where we got minivan. and then boris. well, it's a taurus. having a taurus runs in our family the same way that being a yankee fan does. everybody has a taurus. my cousins asked me what type of car i had and when pj told them taurus they both go "BORIS!" so. there's that. yeah, i know it's lame. meh.

other lame things that you may or may not care about include CHRISTMAS DECORATING!! i'm totally in christmas mode. like, i want to run downstairs and find spare christmas gear and deck the halls MY ROOM. pj said he's not gonna risk his life anymore trying to hang the icicle lights from the roof, so i'm gonna try and steal those for myself. muahaha. anywho. got one tree yesterday. normally it goes next to the front door, but ange decided to move it behind the couch. i came in, saw it, and go "how are people gonna get to the presents?" later, elena came in and said the same thing. i yelled at her and told her she was being shallow. ange just laughed. elena went back to her room. mj came home and elena came back to complain about the tree's location. so then everybody got into a fight about moving the tree or rearranging the living room. in the middle of everybody yelling at each other, ange sat down in the middle of the room and started doing like arts and crafts. making ornaments and stuff. glitter and glue is all over the rug. so we weren't moving anything. luckily right then my friend decided to pick me up for dinner. i still don't know the outcome of the "tree drama" as i like to call it.

my parents took me to the yankee candle factory store today. it meets the need of two of my current obsessions: vera bradley and yankee candle. okay, actually, yankee candles have kind of been one of my obsessions since 7th grade but i didn't live on my own then and my mother doesn't think i'm responsible enough to burn candles. giant candle store of goodness with a giant vera bradley purse section in the mom said she thought i was going to die. i texted my friend. she was surprised that i didn't die.

well, i suppose that is all for this fine evening. i have a dentist appointment tomorrow morning. i hate the dentist. this promises to be long and painful. not fun.