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penny wise....

Arthur Johnston on Monday, 04 December 2006. Posted in Student Life

Most of you have probably heard from your parents about being money smart during your college years. The typical college graduate has something like $10,000 dollars in debt when they graduate from entertainment alone. You have all heard those horror stories and wisely told yourself that you won't be like that in college. You won't get a credit card with a 23% interest rate (this is actually a fairly low interest rate college students), you won't eat out every night, you won't buy a $400 speaker system, etc.

Now I know most of the tricks for living cheaply as a college student. I'm a member of R.I.T.'s free food bandit's on facebook. I pack myself two lunches in case I get really hungry during the day and I even managed to put some money away during my last co-op. As cheap skate college student's go I know the in's and outs. However it is possible to go to far in trying to save money. Earlier this evening I realized that my hair had reached fro-like proportions and needed to be trimmed. Unfortunately my girlfriend whom I live with was busy getting ready for the quarter so I decided to trim my hair myself. With only one mirror. Now I have never trimmed my own hair before, usually I either have one of my roommates do it or wait until I go home and have my sister do it for me. But for some reason I decided that it needed to be done tonight.

To make a long an agonizing story short I learned three important lessons tonight.

1. If your angry taking it out on the wall just means you need to fix the hole in the wall tomorrow.
2. Cutting your own hair is ludicrously stupid.

3. Penny wise and pound foolish is not just a phrase. It took me an hour of trying to do myself what it took my girlfriend to do in thiry minutes and would have taken a barber twenty minutes. In that time I could have written a sonnet, or cleaned my apartment, or read a book. Instead I waisted that time mangling my scalp. Sometimes it's worth paying a proffesional to do it or having a friend help.

But to be completely honest in three month's time if no one's around to cut my hair I'll still try and do it myself. Because, I like my money mine.