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Plan Your Life Accordingly: Guide to using Post Its

Emily Okey on Thursday, 04 February 2010. Posted in Student Life

Originally this post was supposed to include some super fantastic mathematical pie chart informing you of how my week is spent (homework, class, sleeping, etc). Quite frankly, I have no idea how I spend my time. That might be a good thing to figure out, wouldn't you say? Somehow, I plan everything out and everything gets done. In an ideal situation, I'd be getting the doctor recommended 8 hours of sleep per night, however, I feel that it is often not the case. Bedtimes range from 10 (if i'm super exhausted) to 4 am (if i've procrastinated horribly... or found a particularly intriguing TV show...). Time spent on homework ranges from 30 minutes (to finish up something quickly) to an entire day (depending on the project assigned and how involved in it I am). Time spent at work? Well that usually ends at 20 hours a week when they kick me out. There is a campus wide rule that students are not allowed to work over 20 hours per week. 

Seeing as we are about to enter week 9, my sleep hours will be going down considerably to make room for increased homework hours. I have a 10 page paper for Deaf literature, presentation on that paper, final typography book cover design project, photography final shoot, and the list goes on. To do lists are majorly helpful. It's slightly insane the number of to-do lists I have going at any one point in time. That's probably my one piece of advice for incoming students. Get organized. Highlight everything, label your socks, stick post it notes to your forehead.. do whatever it takes to remind you of everything you need to get done. Sure at the time of receiving the item to do, you'll be all "ohhh yeah no problem". Week 9 and 10... not so much. You'll thank yourself when you find secret post it notes to yourself reminding you of homework projects assigned week 1 that are due... tomorrow.

While a lot of my time is spent on homework, work, catching up on sleep and being in class I do manage to find plenty of time for other things. This weekend in particular is Freeze Fest! During fall quarter there is Brick City Homecoming which is also known as parents weekend. There are tons of things going on campus, speakers, comedians, music performances, etc. Spring quarter has Spring Fest which brings in more musical performances, moon bounces, carnival rides and other things of that nature. So what happens in the winter? Good question. Up until now, nothing. Just kidding, there is stuff that is always going on but this is the first year that there is a dedicated event to winter quarter which is appropriately deemed Freeze Fest. For the past few weeks they've been handing out free things (ice scrapers, gloves, and hand warmers) to get everyone in the mood for winter. There are all sorts of things going on this weekend.. Carriage rides around campus, Kathy Griffin is coming, outdoor hockey tournaments, s'more lounge just to name a few. It will all be summed up on Sunday by the SG Super Bowl party. Last year they took over Clark Gym with huge screen tvs and had a ton of free food. And who doesn't like free food?

There is never a shortage of things going on around here, you just have to make sure you plan your homework accordingly.