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Planning for Next Quarter

Adam Richlin on Monday, 12 February 2007. Posted in Coursework

So I finally finished planning my schedule for next quarter. I'm taking 18 credits of film classes, which is the most credits I can take according to RIT (yes, there are exceptions to get to 21cr, but im not going into that). Im really happy with the classes I have- they are all hardcore film classes of things I need to learn. I even get to take a "class" on Fiction Production Workshop which is a 10-week project in producing a short film. That means everything from script writing to casting to shooting and editing in 10 weeks. As fast moving a class as it is, I am going to have to work hard outside of class to keep up. This should be fun!

Winter quarter was/is hard because I'm taking only one film class... so i'm not very interested in the liberal arts classes im taking in the lull (marketing, ceramics, history of film, etc). While the classes are fun, I think the problem was that I lost the rhythm of film production and being busy. Hopefully that film beat will pick up again next quarter!

Only two weeks till finals. Phew!