Portfolio Day

on Thursday, 28 December 2006. Posted in Coursework, Life After RIT

While I'm home I'm getting ready for Grad school. It's a reallly stressful thing applying to schools and if you are reading my blog because you are looking at RIT you're probably in the same mess as me. I'm applying for my Master of Fine Arts in Printmaking.

I never knew what Printmaking was until I came to RIT. As a part of the Fine Art Studio program I was required to take an Intro class and an Intermediate class in Non-Toxic Printmaking. RIT has one of the very few completely non-toxic programs in the country. Historically, Printmaking has been an extremely toxic and hazardous way of making art, but in the past 20 years a non-toxic process has been developed to replace the traditional one. Anyway- I fell in love with it and I am going to go on for my Masters with it.

Today I need to photograph my work and send it out to have slides made. I'm going to try and post a few of my prints... wish me luck!