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Post Turkey Coma

Emily Okey on Friday, 27 November 2009. Posted in Student Life

Being a vegetarian, I did not actually experience a post turkey day coma but I did get to eat lots of delicious mashed potatoes, homemade rolls and other good food. One of the fantastic things about breaks is that I don’t have to cook for myself! As much as I love having an apartment now and cooking, it’s nice to have a week off and now have to think about what to make.

 I’m thoroughly enjoying my week off and I might even be in a bit of denial at the fact that classes are starting again at 8 am on Monday morning. Finals week was a tad stressful, lots of projects and papers to finish up before it was time to go home.  I unwisely decided around 11:30 pm on Wednesday night that I wanted to redo two of my posters for Imagery in Design and turn them in by 7 am.  I managed to get everything finishedand turned into the printer on time and even had an extra hour to review for my art history exam despite the printer crashing.  After my art history exam on Thursday morning, my roommate drove me to the airport and I got to go home for the first time since August! It was a short visit, but still good. I even got to be home on Saturday night for my sister’s state volleyball championship game! Sunday we packed up the carand headed west towards Wisconsin. It’s been a family tradition for the past 20 years to make the 17-hour trek to the Midwest in search of pie (and family too,of course).

Tomorrow morning we’ll make the 15-hour drive back to Rochester so I’ll be all rested and ready for Monday morning. I’m really looking forward to next quarter; my winter quarter schedule looks a little funny, however, classes on Monday and Wednesday with only a 50 minute class on Tuesday and nothing on Thursday or Friday! Tad weird. Not to worry, I’ll certainly find something to fill that extra time with; there’s no shortage of things to do on campus.  I think I might have the opportunity to be a peer mentor onFriday with my FYE (First Year Enrichment) teacher from freshman year. Next blog post I'll give a rundown of all of my classes and how I'm filling my extra time. 

Hope everyone had a good thanksgiving! Are you ready for all of those application deadlines? If you're unsure of when everything is due click on the link and it gives you all of the information you'll need. A friendly piece of advice, don't leave everything until the night before it's due!! The early decision deadline is December 1st so consider turning everything in a day or two in advance to allow extra time for whatever might go wrong. Plus you'll have two stress free days while everyone else is scrambling!