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Power Slide==Ownage

Jon-derek Castagno on Tuesday, 25 April 2006.

Sorry about the lack of updates in a while, I have been extremely busy with life.
We received our java project, it is called based on a game breakout, it is networked game. Very hard, I don’t know much about it because I haven’t started it yet really. I will as I do more I might even post up some files so you guys can play it later on.
Power sliding in go-karts is owange. As some of you may know the weather this past week, Thursday and Friday were really nice, so nice that Friday me and two friends Corey and Keith went Go-Kart racing, electronic shopping, ice cream eating and movie watching. I had never actually power slide myself, but we were trying to figure out which way we could power slide, and we guessed correctly, I was sliding all over even though it was against the rules, (who cares about them anyways) it was the best, I whopped their ass. I own at the power sliding we are going back soon and hope to video tape it. No guarantee’s though. We then went shopping for electronics and had ice cream at friendly’s, a great spot for ice cream a food, as an FYI. We then saw the Sentinel with Keiffer Sutherland aka Jack Bauer (my hero). After that we went back to RIT and watch a movie, then watch the first 2 episodes of Knight Ryder. (I know uber geeks) it was to understand the movie we had just watched and the references made. It was a great day. Totally enjoyed myself.
Now the “Dotes Kick Ass Song” well this song is near and dear to me. It is entitled “Scars (Acoustic)” by Papa Roach I don’t know where it is from I recorded it from an internet stream one day. Look for it, by whatever means available (Please don’t pirate/steal the music though).
-The Coolest Dude Ever