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Presidential Candidate Match Game!

Cory Gregory on Thursday, 10 January 2008. Posted in Coursework

I've never really been that big on politics or government. I have a lot going on in my own life that I don't really have that much time to pay attention to what is going on in everyone else's. However, the Presidential Election is coming up and this is the first one that I can actually vote for. I took some time to research the candidates of the 2008 election and I came upon a cool "match game" on the USATODAY website. You are asked to give your position on 11 issues, from global warming to the Iraq war, and then you can weigh the issues based on what you think is most important. Your responses are then matched to those of the candidates and it shows what candidate has views most like your own. It definitely helped me since I didn't really know what the candidates though about these issues. Here is a link to the "Candidate Match Game".

On a different topic, it's definitely been a crazy first week back. It's January and the weather has been in the high 60's the past three days. I love warm weather and I'm definitely not complaining, I just find it strange.. I definitely loved wearing shorts and flip-flops on Tuesday.

I didn't have any exams during the first three weeks of the quarter, so I was bombarded with exams this week. I have finished three of them and I think I did well on all of them. I have a physics exam tomorrow that I'm a little worried about, but after I study, I think I'll be fine. I guess that's it for now!