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Priority Management at RIT: Freshmen Edition

Daniel Nwosu on Tuesday, 22 January 2013. Posted in Student Life

          RIT has been an amazing experience so far! Fun, challenging and humbling to say the least. If you are a prospective student, I'd like to give to an example on some of decisions you make have to take, in order to make the most out of your college experience. I'm currently a freshman Mechanical Engineering Technology student. Even though our majors may not be the same, I can relate quite a bit to you. Whether it be uncertainty with a current major, copious stress, relationship issues, or even roommate problems, expect it and don't be afraid to make some tough decisions. Doing this will only get you closer you dreams.

          I will be frank with you RIT is very challenging. I tried to balance academics, a job, sports, and other clubs as I did in high school, and I soon realized that the intensity of each was more than I could handle. I would rarely be able to see my friends. A quick "Hi" and "Bye" was becoming the norm. I started losing hours from sleep and in some occasions couldn't sleep at all. Some may be used to this but having to resort this repetitively may cause you to lose focus during class. Most importantly of all I wasn't enjoying the "college experience". I was too busy to enjoy it. So, I took a step back from everything. After conversing with some supportive family members I decided to give up a deep passion of mine – track and field. Well at least postpone it until I feel more comfortable to come return. I'm still amazed that I made such a mature decision but what can I say, RIT does weird things to you. Right now my priority is to gain as much knowledge as I can to prepare myself for Co-ops and eventually a career after RIT and if taking abreak from track and field allows me to do that so be it.
          Even if you are not interested in sports, simply be prepared to make some tough decisions.They may be temporary like mine or even permanent, but expect the worst and hope for the best. For more of my experiences follow me on twitter @RIT_Daniel & Have a Blessed Day!