Project Update!

Christina Brooks on Monday, 06 February 2012. Posted in Coursework, Student Life

So a few weeks ago Episode 1 of 5 RIT Students launched! In this episode, I talked about some of my projects I’ve been working on over the year so far. I’ve had the opportunity to take some really awesome classes and I just wanted to    further show some of these projects!

In my Intro to Digital Animation class I took this past fall, we had to create a 30 second animation using Adobe After Effects. It was tons of fun to learn the basics of the program and to learn the basic working of animating! Here’s the full video of my animation down below, including the beginning slate for our pretend production company!

For my Information Design class that I’m currently taking, we had to design a cup for Abbott’s Frozen Custard for their theoretical product “Frozen Hot Chocolate.” This is hot chocolate with a scoop of frozen custard in it. For this project, we had to name the product and design the whole cup that could potentially be sold in Abbott’s location in Park Point, right by RIT’s campus. Later on we are designing a marketing campaign for Abbott’s Frozen Custard but that’s for a later date. Here’s my logo and cup designs I came up with!


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