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Erin Hazeltine on Friday, 16 January 2009. Posted in Clubs, Coursework, Majors & Minors, Student Life

thumb_img_8512.jpgMark Brickley “the tattoo wonder” from Hero Design paid a visit to our very own Carlson Auditorium this week, to visit us AIGA folks and anyone else who chose to walk the snow covered campus!
 What a cool guy! He is a very down to earth. He started off a punk rocker, trying to get a band together. He did that then like your typical band you need your record label, your t-shirts, your logo and all that stuff, so he became in charge of that. All of this was pre-mass internet. Once they got a record label he was then designing for the record label as a side job. Soon he realized he was not making a living, being in the band and being a graphic designer for the record label, so he came to the conclusion that he would give himself 10 years and if he didn’t make 100% of his living from the band he would strictly do graphic design stuff. A few years later he just stuck with the design aspect and ditched the band. He moved to Toronto and stayed there with his wife, and then they moved to buffalo and “buckled down and tried to make this design thing serious.” And that brings him to where he is now, Allentown.
Hero design mainly works for bands, such as Matisyahu, Blondie and other bands.
After a while the company, consisting of 3 people Mark, Elizabeth, and Ryan, bought a press to have in their studios. For the sole reasons of money and being able to do the whole process from start to finish. They are really avid on designing for what they want to design they don’t want to be directed into what others want. Mark said if you know what you want and you’re not a designer then go and buy the newest cs? and design it yourself!

A few more interesting tid-bits about Hero Design:
For all the posters that they do for the bands, and their traveling tours Hero Design studios prints them all, that is approximately 150 a night so for a 30 night tour, you can do the math!
For those of you who know a little about screen printing, they do not use pantone colors or anything they use spot color take some paint pour it in the bucket add some more color and see what that comes out to! Check it with the screen; change the screen image color to the paint color!
Design is not a 9-5 job!
The college lifestyle is the entrepreneur lifestyles so get use to it! (The whole staying up late working and waking early and working!) But I promise you it’s worth it!
Keep up the multimedia, its easy to add a drop of paint here and there in Photoshop but go the garage and get real paint splatter it and then take a photo of it, scan or do what have so you have real organic material.

All in all love what you are doing!

(Hope you guys got some good ideas from here, I know I enjoyed seeing and listening to him!)