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"Left-handed pencil sharpeners really vex me"

Cynthia Roberts on Thursday, 28 June 2007. Posted in Rochester & Monroe County, The Arts

Not that I have anything against left-handed people (except perhaps my friend Matt).  But really I just wanted to take this oppurtunity to tell you all of the fabolous radio choices you have here in Rochacha.  And in particular, what really drives me crazy about them.

John Mayer- I haven't really got anything against John Mayer, I don't listen to him.  I just can't stand his ability to cross genres.  He's on every single radio station and it seems like at least two of them are playing one of his songs everytime I step foot in my car.  I mean the rap and r&b station plays him (106.7), the "hit" music station plays him (97.9), fickle random radio plays him (93.3), as does the drive (100.5).  Also in my list of extreme pet peeves while I'm on the subject is U2 and genrarock (I'm talking about you Puddle of Mudd).

Allow me to elaborate on some of the things I've said above.
First of all 100.5 is an amazing station.  No where else can I hear every hit alternative song from the 90's.  This makes me immensely happy.  They also play DMB a lot too.
DMB-I used to put Dave Matthews Band in my list of vexes.  However, last summer I found the Folsom Field cd's.  Let me tell you how freaking incredible those two cds are.  I listen to them all the time.  I don't even really like anything else he does (no not even the Gorge cds, I know, hate me if you must).
93.3- This is the only station that will make everyone in your car bust into random song pretty much constantly.  It's a little hit or miss depending on your tastes, but there is pure gold on there sometime (How Bizzare anyone?  Dancing Queen?)
106.7-If you're me or Brian, you know that Gwen Stefani and Akon song, and secretly love it.  Luckily, this station plays an Akon song every 10 minutes it seems like so theres a pretty good chance you'll get to sing and dance to it on your ride to the mall.
U2- I've never liked this band, but the lead singer Bono has led me to particularly hate them.  I went to the Grammy's my senior year (more on that later) and met the man in person, and he was just as full of himself as I suspected.  Grrrr.

Grammys- Ok, so my mom (more on her later) is a little insane.  She fills out those internet forms for "Win a trip to the Grammys!" while she's on hold at work.  The crazy thing is she wins them all the time (she took my brother on an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii this March I====JEALOUS!).  So we went to the Grammys.  Which was quite the experience.  We went backstage the day before and met Bono as he was doind a soundcheck.  Someone in the group asked him if they thought he was going to win and he said yeah, he suspected he'd take home a few (I told him I hoped he lost, my mother scolded me).  Sure, he does all these great things for charity and crap, how noble of you.  Isn't he crowned or something in Britain?  I don't know.

My mother- my mom is kinda a weird lady.  All my friends adore her, I love her to death as well.  She's a bit of a hippie, she doesn't believe in grounding, and is lenient in punishing.  And I'm still a well-rounded, authority respecting (to some extent) kid.  So she did something right.  GOOD Job Mom!  Shes read my blog and called to ask if she could comment on it (for fear of embarresing me).  I naturally said no.  But it's cool she called.  In high school, I never had a curfew which was sweet but she explained to me today that why should she have to set a curfew when all my friends had one already?  It's not like I would stay out without them.  She's tricky like that.  She also went parasailing in Hawaii.  If you know her, you know this is particularly amazing to think about.  My mom, parasailing.  Hilarious.

My car history
If you know me, you're probably convinced I get a new car everyday.  And when I say "new car", I mean different, "equally-as-crappy-as-the-last" car.  In my short history of driving (3 years) I've had 4 cars.
Brad- My first car was the nicest.  My mom called it a rich kid car.  It was an Infiniti with leather interior, and a sunroof.  It was pretty amazing and if you hadn't noticed it was named Brad.  Brad had an untimely death with a tree in March of my sophmore year.  Turns out winter in Vermont actually does require snow tires.  I hit black ice on the road (if you're not from New England, black ice is ice that covers the road and is invisible, the road just looks dry, but it's definetely not.)  Once on black ice, there's nothing you can do but hope you don't hit anything.  I hit a tree.  And Brad died. 
For the rest of that year until like October I drove my dad's car (MUCH to his dismay, he got stuck driving his truck).
Homer- Homer was my old school, standard transmission, honda.  Homer was sweet for the simple fact that his spedometer didn't work.  This scared everyone else in the car but me.  I loved it.  The check engine light was also permanently on in that car which also scared everyone (I just put some tape over it)  There's not much else to say about him. 
Cameron- In August before moving into the dorms and starting college, I got Cameron my station wagon.  He was a beast, and with the amount of stuff I had, I was lucky to have him.  In November, I kinda destroyed him but letting him run out of oil.  He died as I was driving home for Thanksgiving break.  Thankfully, I died just outside of Syracuse and Brian came and got me.  (Make friends with people along your route home).
Homer- I went back to Homer.
Cameron- Cameron was resurected that summer, and I started driving him again.
On my way home this spring break (to switch cars because I wanted to drive a standard again) I learned my brother had crashed Homer and destroyed him.  He also did it in a Fast and the Furious movie star kinda way flipping it in a 360 front over back, and landing on the tires.  He's amazing like that.  He walked away without a scratch, but Homer was toast.
Yet to named- So I let my brother drive Cameron and I acquired this new Honda much like Homer, but a littler newer.  It's just as crappy (I'm almost positive that's a bullet hole in the front bumper), it's not a standard unfortunately, but it does have a sun roof!

I swear I only have two more things to annoy you with.  I've been knocked out on pain killers for the last week (had my tonsils out, they give you the good stuff) and this is the first day I'm coherent.  I'm still sick, but now just plain bored.

Plain White T's
I don't like these guys.  I don't like that everyone likes that "Hey there Delilah" song.  Now, I've listened to the song.  I saw them open for Panic! at the Disco and Jack's Mannequin when they played here at RIT in the fall (Jack's Mannequin was incredible of course, thanks for asking).  The point I'm trying to make, I guess, is that I think I would like the song except that up until the night of the show, I was under the impression that Bloc Party (whom I love!) was opening.  And when I heard the were being replaced, I was extremely disappointed, and not all that willing to accept their replacements.  I know, I'm stubborn.

95.5 WBRU
I spent a lot of my summers in high school in Providence, RI and went to Brown University for a theater program there.  Which was really cool.  Anyway, the radio station down there is pretty much incomparable to anything else.  It's amazing.  They also put on free shows all summer which is sweet.  Jack's Mannequin is playing on Saturday (I want to go!) and State Radio on Monday (that tooooooo!).  Those shows aren't free, but they're super cheap.  They stream online at (you have to sign up but it's free and totally worth the five minutes of time you waste!)

Okay, now I'm for real done.  I promise.  Goodnight all.