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Quad Hangouts

Emily Okey on Thursday, 06 May 2010. Posted in Student Life

Spring in Rochester makes EVERYONE want to be outside. If it is over 60 degrees and sunny out, you can be sure that lots of people will be taking full advantage of the nice weather. It's kind of funny because some people assume that nice weather is so infrequent that they just have to take advantage of it, but we've been having it for the majority of the days so people have been spending more time outside than intended :)

The best part of it is, you'll always run into at least one person you know, if not a lot more. After work a lot of us will wander into the quad closest to the office (Kodak Quad) and hang out and before you know it, about eight other people have stopped by.

Last Friday it started out with three people and soon we were walking around campus with other ambassadors jumping on the bandwagon as well.


Even President Destler comes outside when it's nice!

The quads are used the most in between 12-2 pm when most people have breaks in between classes and are looking for a place for a nap (it's week nine, we're tired!) or just to hang out.

Just yesterday my friend and I grabbed some coffee and a snack and hung out on the rock wall in Kodak Quad, it's nice to spend time outside to balance out all of the time i'm spending in the labs working on projects :)

We're almost finished! One more week of classes and then a week of finals! More on summer plans in a later blog post.