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"You must be new" "No I've been here a month now" "You must have gotten a haircut" "...actually yes"

Cynthia Roberts on Monday, 06 October 2008. Posted in Co-op

This is the conversation I had with the security guard dude this afternoon as I was coming back from getting some soup for lunch (oh Europa Cafe with your obscene prices). 

Here are the things I have done with my day today:

-created a winter schedule:
This took surprisingly less time than I thought it would and I came out the other side with a schedule that actually sounds really easy (compared to getting up at 6am to be at work everyday).  The best part?  I've accepted that I most likely won't graduate on time (as well as a few other people I know) and so I still managed to squeeze a fun class (or two) into my unfun schedule of required classes I've been putting off the past 4 years.  Woe is me.

-went through the Sonic Bids:
Fuse on Demand does this cool thing each month where we pick 5 or so submitted videos from unisgned bands and play them for a month on the channel.  The realllllllly cool part?? It's my job now.  The power has clearly already gone to my head.  If you are in a band and have a music video head over to and submit that thing. 

-heard some new Killers action:
And it made me happy.

-ate my soup:
And it was great.

-watched the new Ben Folds video with Regina Spektor:
And liked it so much that I watched the Conan performance too.

-read all the new posts since Thursday on stereogum and pitchfork:
music blogs that keep me updated on super exciting new Killers

-thought about how much I like my job:
Which involves a lot of internet surfing for new or fun music.

-outbursted at Stacy for setting her away message:
To something I said in the heat of the moment which will now make all who have her screenname wonder what kind of a monster I am...I'm not any kind of monster...I love kittens.

-watched some live TV on the radio footage:
Super fun band.

-got complimented on my cool tights:

-contemplated going to Death Cab tonight:
But decided it was $50 I don't have.

-it's only 3:30 and I need to find some more things to fill my day:
Suggestions welcome.