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Amanda Lasicki on Thursday, 01 May 2008. Posted in Dining, Student Life

i started writing this entry on tuesday during free cone day. thanks to some week eight crazyness and the usual end of quarter sickness, i never got  a chance to post. cone day highlights: tuesday was free cone day at ben and jerry's. in case you didn't get it from the name, ben and jerry's gives out FREE ICE CREAM. it's amazing and i assure you it pretty much makes up for the lack of snow days here and the public holidays we don't get off.


on free cone day, the line stretches all through the SAU. don't worry, it moves real fast. you have to know what you want when you get to the front. you're able to get more than one cone too. last year, i got cone #1, went to the back of line, scarfed down my ice cream, then ordered cone #2. (both oatmeal chip last year) i swear, all i ate on tuesday was ice cream. i went to ben and jerry's three times. the first time i got cheesecake brownie, then black raspberry, then i was going to get bananas on the rum but they were out so i got more cheesecake brownie.

i'm surprised sarah hasn't written about free cone day yet, she loves free stuff.

speaking of free...each year for spring fest, CAB (college activites board) gives out free stuff. i got my free shirt earlier this week and then today i went back for my free nalgene. they also had spring fest frisbees but freshman year i got one and it was on the floor and my keys were under it...long story short i couldn't find my keys for two weeks!! who would have thought they'd fit under a frisbee...

campus is getting ready for imagine RIT. banners are going up, THE CARNIVAL IS BEING SET UP, professors and students are talking about what events they're involved with. i'm singing for RIT singers (surprise surprise...i just hope my voice gets better!!). i also plan on test driving a segway. my friend wants to get a pic of campo chasing me on foot while i'm on the segway. i think he also wants to get a pic of me chasing campo with the segway. sweetness. i swear i'll post them if he takes them. another way i'm indirectly involved is that my face will appear on one cover of reporter magazine, thanks to variable printing. taga was going to screen print shirts, but we aren't allowed to sell them during ifest so we moved that to tomorrow. come buy a shirt/watch them being printed tomorrow during the day in the 7B lobby!!


one thing i am a big fan of is networks that air their shows online after the original broadcast. i really don't watch much tv. my regular shows are desperate housewive's, grey's anatomy, and gossip girl. sometimes if i have free time/am bored i will watch extreme home makeover or whatever it's called. my fave shows tend to air at rather inconvienent times. for example, grey's is on when i'm at singers. gossip girl is on when i'm at class.

the cast of gossip girl <33

anywho what i'm getting at...pre-writer's strike i was able to watch all of my fave shows (and then some) online. however, the CW decided to stop putting new gossip girl episodes online. not cool! they apparently want people to watch it when it is being shown on the network. okay, so let's see. gossip girl airs monday night and the main demographic is teenagers/early twenties who probably are at work, rehearsal or sports practice then. way to go. luckily, eboni has a tivo and thanks to that little miracle, i get to watch my beloved gossip girl.