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Amanda Lasicki on Thursday, 05 July 2007. Posted in Rochester & Monroe County, Student Life

well here i am, back in good ol' monroe county, home to many things, including RIT.

you may have noticed a lack of my ramblings lately. i moved into a new apartment on saturday/sunday which is a partial explanation. the other explanation would be the death of carmina burana the second, my laptop. apparently everything i have that is worth more than five cents feels the need to die. and no, you don't need to make jokes about my car being worth less than five cents. really.

in case you missed it, yesterday was the fourth of july. it was the first one i wasn't home for which was weird. but i wasn't lonely or anything. i went to a cookout at mark's house and then we went to see fireworks at a park nearby. i didn't know that you can't buy fireworks in new york state, that sort of bummed me out. i was planning to blow some stuff up!! WEAK. i live on the ct/ny border and now i understand why there is a fireworks TENT that springs up mid-june. i always took that thing for granted. mark and leo were talking about making a road trip to pennsylvania since they didn't have work but they ultimately decided against it.

so now i'm in rochester and there's no school so i'm not going nuts trying to get projects done. free time what?

so WHAT'S THERE TO DO IN ROCHESTER?? lots of stuff, actually! RIT is pretty cool...they let freshman bring cars to school AND park on campus for FREE. that's a lot better than some schools which make you pay an absurd amount to park or (even worse) say you have to be a certain year level or have a certain amount of credits. it was a big factor for me even though my mom said no to bringing my car up for the longest time. but you personally don't need a car, you are bound to know at least one person with a car, easily more. my freshman year my group of friends had access to five cars. pretty decent. it meant if i needed a ride to the bank or wegman's, i could ask and then it would turn into a floor field trip and we'd stop at like seven different banks. it was fun. if you want to do something off campus, chances are you are going to need a form of transportation other than your two legs. there are two things that come in handy here: a bus schedule or a friend with a car.

don't get me wrong, there's a whole slew of activities on campus (with and without free food) on a daily basis. but there's also some cool stuff in rochester. i've been here nearly two years and i'm just starting to "discover" it.

so here's some cool things to do in rochester for CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP.

1. hit up the public market
located in downtown rochester (north union street to be specific) the best time to go to the public market is saturday morning. and my morning, i don't mean noon. it's fun to go with a friend and just explore. they have EVERYTHING from flowers to food to baked goods to clothing to toiletries and it's all cheap.
2. dollar theater
even though the price has increased to a whopping $1.50, it is still known as the dollar theater. movies 10 is located about five minutes away from RIT on 15. it's just like your normal theater, except the movies are all a few months old and the tickets are CHEAP. it's a great place to see all those movies that were too bad to waste $10 (coughepicmovie).

3. ontario
RIT is about a 20 minute drive from a beach on lake ontario. obviously this isn't something to do in the cooler months. there's also a park part of the beach with grill pits but if you are a person who should not be allowed lighter fluid, there is also a diner and abbot's ice cream nearby.

4. parks!!
there are lots of parks in the rochester area. highland park is home to the lilac festival in the spring. another good one is genesee valley park, right on the genesee river.

5. play around in the abadoned subway
rochester used to have a subway which stopped running in the late 1950's. a lot of photo kids go here to take pictures, but i have never been. therefore i don't know too much about it. look it up before you head out, or go with some one who has already been there.

6. dinosaur barbeque
located on courtstreet in downtown rochester, it's right near the blue cross arena. the restaurant overlooks the genesee river. it's not too pricey and they give you a lot of food so make sure you go hungry.

hopefully as i explore rochester more this summer i will find more cheap and fun things to do!!

ps - come to college and careers!!

pps  - dear grounds crew, can you PLEASE find fertilzer that doesn't smell like poo? sincerely, people who have to give tours.