Rain, Wind, and Sun-Oh My!

Christina Brooks on Saturday, 23 October 2010. Posted in Student Life

The weather here at RIT seems to be fickle. Sometimes its really warm, perfect for shorts and a t-shirt, then other days its freezing and raining, where an umbrella and heavy coat is needed. From what I’ve been told, its unusual for Rochester to be getting this warm weather so late in the fall. However, everyone has been enjoying it while it lasts by sporting the shorts and sunglasses around campus.

Here’s a couple of items that I’ve found to be essential to surviving the weather here at Rochester since arriving:

-A light sweater: Good for those warm days when there’s a light breeze, yet too chilly to go bare-arm
-A warm hat: Rochester gets A LOT of wind, so a hat is really nice to keep your head and ears warm! Here’s a picture of my favorite hat to wear. It's from Banff, Canada, so its legit.

-An umbrella: This is a must! It may be sunny and nice for part of the day, but you never know when it might rain! I carry mine around with me most days just in case. I think I’ve used it at least once a week so far.
-Rain boots: This may be more geared toward my fellow girls, but they’re cute, waterproof, and keeps your pants from getting wet! I love mine and use them every rainy day! It’s also fun to parkour through puddles without a care.
-A very warm coat: For those crazy cold days that are toppled with lots of wind on the side. Also, for the snow, which I’m sure is on its way to Rochester soon!

These are just a few of some necessities that I use every week here at RIT. I know once the snow comes though,the list will be greatly expanded. But for now, I’m going to enjoy this moderate weather while I can.

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