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Rantings and ravings...

Sarah Alef on Thursday, 18 January 2007. Posted in Women at RIT

Ok kids, it's rant time. Sarah's frustrated, so let's talk a little bit about something that I (and every other female at RIT) encounter on a semi-daily basis.


I understand that when guys meet a girl they like, they want to find out more about her. I also understand that men are generally visual creatures, and appreciate what they can see. However, none of those male attributes account for the ridiculous amount of guys that think inappropriate pick up lines and unabashed staring are ok. I don't care where you heard it, but your lame pick up line is NOT going to work on me. I'm an intelligent female with a sense of humor; show some class. If you insist on using a pick up line, make it an amusing one with some intelligence behind it. "Do you clean your jeans with Windex, because I can see myself in them," is NOT, repeat, NOT acceptable. Learn some science or math, use a calculus, physics, or CS line. Even if a girl doesn't respond to the line itself, she'll at least respond to the humor contained within it.

On a lighter note, this week has been a relatively hectic week. Two midterms today, and 5 classes, not to mention morning practice at 6 am. Oh well. The Monday off was a godsend, and I was sooo much more relaxed about Tuesday than I would have been otherwise. My Russian class also got canceled on Wednesday, giving me more time to study! Too bad providence doesn't intervene more often. I'm looking forward to the weekend; Friday I'm going to the hockey game with the crew team, and then on Saturday I have a big swim meet against SUNY Genesseo, which promises to be exciting, and a nice diversion from all the homework I've had lately. :-)

I'm a kinase, and you've just been phosphorolayted! :-)