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Erin Hazeltine on Sunday, 15 March 2009. Posted in Academic Calendar, Coursework, Student Life

As many have said it’s that time of year again. Spring 3rd quarter, warmth, colors, and birds…. I am sitting here writing this blog with the windows open looking at the completely blue sky, the cars driving by and the warmth pouring in…ok fine its not THAT warm 47 degrees, but still it feels like spring! And I am glad don’t get me wrong I LOVE winter but this winter was LONG, had it’s many benefits but I was ready for change!

The new quarter classes look like they are going to be work but worthwhile work. I am taking some pretty cool classes this quarter. I am taking Flash design, Media Law (so basically the law that affects me, a designer and as a person of this country. It’s pretty intense and interesting!) Studio Printmaking, learn a technique and use it! So the “old fashion way” of printing! Wholisitic Massage Therapy- a class everyone needs to take once in their RIT career, for many reasons the teacher is awesomely hilarious, you learn really good techniques and you go to class to relax! What more can you ask for? There are other classes that I am taking but they are the not so fun ones…(Art History!)

So all in all I am pretty excited for this quarter. It’s spring the campus wakes up things happen, outside if pleasantly happy to be hung out in!
The Men’s Hockey team is battling Holy Cross in the quarterfinals it’s currently a tie standing each team with one win.  (I think the whole campus will be there tonight!)
OK time to do my Media Law paper, Flash Homework, and go to the bookstore to get supplies for class.