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RIT and "The Storm"

Carl Domingo on Thursday, 28 November 2013.

When everyone heard the news about our first big winter storm, Boreas,  RIT was in overdrive. Even just a day before the expected arrival, people were scrambling to figure out travel plans. Almost everyone was trying to leave campus before the storm came and hoped that their flights weren’t cancelled. Even I was unsure of how the storm would affect my leaving on Thanksgiving Day.




It’s safe to say that when winter rolls around, people always think of the worst in Rochester. Sure, our humble abode is located by one of the Great Lakes. And, of course, we certainly do get a lot of snow. But in all honesty, it isn’t anything that bad at all. Being from New Jersey, I’m no stranger to the snow, and I’ve had my fair share of snow days. But when it comes to Rochester, it’s probably one of the best places to be for a snow storm.


IMG 1456


Ominiously dubbed “The Storm,” everyone was preparing for the onslaught of snow to come. With a forecast of 12 inches overnight, it’s a fair reason to worry. Being on campus in the labs, one of the lab assistants told me, “You better go home! If you get snowed in tonight, I’m not helping you dig your car out!” It turns out that “The Storm” wasn’t anything more than a perfectly good snowy night.


IMG 1457


It’s really unfortunate timing, when the best snow of the year happens when nobody is around. It has happened to me every year. With people snowed down for the day, it made for some entertaining late night adventures.


IMG 1454


Snowball fights were a pretty common sight, even a few snowmen here and there. A few even utilized the empty parking lots for some snow storm donuts. From campus to the apartment complexes, people were out and about. Why not? Might as well enjoy it when you can!


IMG 1455


Even when the snow had passed and the “worst” of it was over, Boreas wasn’t anything out of the ordinary in Rochester. By this morning, all the roads were clear, and all the paths on campus were as clean as they could be. That’s the nice thing about Rochester. Since it snows so often here, they know exactly what they have to do, so that everyone else can go about their day.


IMG 1461


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After being at RIT for the past two years with the tamest winters I’ve seen, it’s easy to forget how the weather is supposed to be. Even with the passing of the first winter storm, it’s safe to say that RIT is always prepared for whatever nature throws at us.


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