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RIT Behind the Scenes: Season 3

Alissa Anderson on Thursday, 17 January 2013. Posted in RIT Behind The Scenes

Welcome back to RIT Behind the Scenes! Today we debut season 3 of the series, written, filmed, edited, and promoted by #RITstudents. 


I joined the series an on camera member during season two and represented the College of Engineering. This season I have chosen to go off camera and open a position for a new face in the crew. @RIT_Daniel is a first year mechanical engineering technology student and undoubtedly will provide the series with the comical flavor that only a freshmen can provide. 


It is a new year with new stories and new adventures. Let the games begin! Be sure to follow the cast, crew, and the RIT Admissions office on twitter, youtube, and Facebook to stay up to date the the episode releases. 


Enjoy the premier - and tweet us your thoughts with #RITstudents! 



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