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RIT Behind the Scenes: Student Stories

Daniel Nwosu on Thursday, 07 February 2013.



 RIT Behind the Scenes: #StudentStories

HEYY! YOU! Yes, you! Reading this! We would first like to thank you for keeping up with our videos and Inspiring us to make more!

Now without further ado we’d also like to introduce you to a new project we’ve started - #StudentStories. We’ve seen lots of talk and questions on the Loop and other places, that we’d like to address in a less formal approach and with more diversity so you can get the best answers possible!

This week we took on Changing Majors. Don’t worry, we’re launching an episode next week covering more about it, but we got so many good stories and answers we wanted to share as much of it with you as possible!

We hope you enjoy the video ^_^! Don’t forget to tweet us your suggestion and feedback via #RITstudents on Twitter or the Loop.

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