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RIT Brick City Homecoming

Maria Tobias on Sunday, 18 October 2009. Posted in Rochester & Monroe County, Student Life

This past weekend was RITs Brick City Homecoming. This annual exciting weekend is for families as well as alumni to come see a variety of different events held at RIT. Some of the events this year included comedian Jim Gaffigan, a RIT vs. Colgate hockey game, Horton Distinguished Speaker Jimmy Wales: the founder of Wikipedia, a Brick City BBQ, the Brick City 5k race, and various reunions for different clubs and sports. My family came from Michigan to spend Brick City with me. I was pretty excited to see them!

Friday night we attended Jim Gaffigan’s show which was hilarious! The Field House was packed with alumni, families, and students as he made a variety of jokes about socks to Hot Pockets.

Saturday, my family and I explored the Marketplace Mall as well as a variety of other stores. We visited the typical stores such as Best Buy and Sam’s Club as well as a sporting store, an assortment of clothing stores such Forever 21 and Dehli’s. There are many stores available in Henrietta (city nearest to RIT) and the RIT bus system goes to all of the malls on the weekends. 

Saturday night we cheered on the RIT Tigers as they faced Colgate at the Blue Cross Arena. There were thousands of people at the arena causing this game to be the highest turnout for hockey games in general. The audience was a sea of orange as we cheered on the RIT players. Sadly, the tigers lost, 3-2. :(

Sunday morning, my father ran in the 5k while I walked. This was a relaxing way to start the day as the weather was a little chilly, but a beautiful sun. It was a great weekend with lots of fun with the family!