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Sarah Alef on Saturday, 27 October 2007. Posted in Athletics

I just got back from one of the best hockey games I've seen (not that I've seen all that many...) but regardless, AWESOME.  RIT vs. Cornell was held at the Blue Cross Arena downtown, which seats 13,000.  RIT bused students who couldn't find rides to the game. The atmosphere was INTENSE, the crowed was HYPED, and the game was DIRTY.  A ton of bad calls on behalf of the ref, and some serious animosity between players on ice.  Lots of penalty time for our Tigers, but they came through.  After Cornell pulled their goalie in the 3rd quarter to put another man out on the ice, the Tigers broke away and scored their 4th goal of the evening, with only 4:30 left on the clock.  If the games are that intense for the rest of the season, I think we're going to shake things up in the world of DI hockey.  

On the other side of life, today was our 2nd Open House for prospective students.  I gave out lots of directions, and got to give a tour that included our new President! I gotta say this: Dr. Destler and his wife are awesome people.  In case you haven't heard, our President collects banjos and is brand new at RIT this year.  In the beginning of the year, all the deaf RAs on staff gave Dr. Destler a sign name, which I demonstrated for our group.  (Sign names are given to hearing individuals by members of the deaf community.  They're cool, and having one typically says something about your signing abilities :-)  His sign name is a D handshape, positioned like they're playing a banjo.   In anycase, we had a good time on our tour, and it was an inquisitive group of prospectives accompanying us. I love it when I get questions on tour; it saves my voice! Props again to Dr. Destler, his wife, and their guest for being such a wonderful audience! Best wishes to everyone who came to our Open House, and I hope to see you on Move-In Day next fall!