RIT Housing

Patricia Lavelle on Tuesday, 25 March 2008. Posted in Residence Life

Helloooo It's that time of year for me when I have to figure out where I'm living next year. Stacy made some good points about the pros and cons of living on and off campus. Personally I love living off campus! My roommates have a chiuaua puppy and a kitten and I can't imagine life without them! Unfortunately me and my 3 roommates have decided that our living styles are too different for us to live together next year and Amanda and I have been doing some apartment shopping. Luckily there are many places around RIT that have affordable housing, some of which is cheaper than living off campus.

Some of our favorites include:

Erie Station Village

-located about 5-10 minutes away from campus
- friendly management
- beautiful apartments with attached garages
- lake (with ducks!) lawn areas, a pool coming soon, fitness center

Needless to say this is our favorite. Unfortunately the 2 bedroom we want is $1125/month before utilities which you'll soon find is harsh on a college budget.

Riverton Knolls

- also close to campus, 10-15 minutes away
- for the price we'd be paying at Erie for a 2 bedroom we can get a two bedroom townhouse
- many RIT and UofR students live there which is nice and you won't have lots of old neighbors complaining about noise!
- community recreation area, 3 swimming pools, 3.5 miles of walking trails, tennis courts...this place is HUGE
- apt is $905 townhouse is $1050

This was more affordable than Erie but still nice. There aren't garages but there are "sheds" that you can park under. Something tells me we may be living here.

Clearview Farms

-wonderful, friendly  management
- lots of RIT students living here
- we'd have to get a deluxe apartment if we were keeping mocha (and Amanda refuses to part with him)
- rooms were a little small
- a little further from campus, 15-20 minutes away

Similar to Riverton Knolls but a little far for my taste.

Highland Manor

- decent sized living room but small dining room and living room
- warming lights in the bathroom
- not too far from campus, 10-15 minutes away
- pricing was about $750

Amanda refuses to live her because they don't allow pets. It was definitely "budget living" and last on our list. However, that $200 we save each month by living here instead of Erie could go to a lot of other things such as food, movies, shopping trips, bills and car payments, etc.

Speaking of cars, I think it's time for me to get one. As soon as I get my lisence that is. One of my coworkers here has been teaching me and I think I'll have it by spring (yay!). I think the hardest thing about living off campus for me has been transportation. My roommates don't exactly love taking me to my 8 am classes when they don't have class till noon. I think that was the best thing about living on campus, being in walking distance to classes and things going on around campus.

On a completely unrelated note, last week was recruitment for sororities and fraternities! My sorority offered 7 bids and all the girls accepted and we're so excited! Greek life is a great way to get involved on campus and make a difference. (Our current Student Government pres and vp are Greeks!)