RIT is Coming to YOU!

Christina Brooks on Monday, 12 September 2016.

The title says it all! This fall, RIT admissions counselors are coming to an area near you (hopefully)! Admissions staff members and RIT alums will be attending college fairs, hosting information sessions/receptions, and offering hometown interviews across the country to talk about RIT and answer any questions you may have. In high school, I actually went to two of the RIT Events Near You - both the general information session and later, an accepted student reception. I live about 7 hours away and couldn’t go up to RIT to visit, so these sessions were great for answering questions and even getting a feel of the campus. For the dates/locations of our fall recruitment events, click HERE.

If these events are not happening near you - don’t worry! There are tons of other ways to get connected to campus and ask questions. Feel free to contact Undergraduate Admissions, tweet RITAdmissions with a question, read our blogs (like now!), check out RIT's YouTube channel for a behind-the-scenes look of campus, or check us out on Facebook!

Hope to see you this fall!