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RIT Men's Hockey Weekend

Matt Garver on Saturday, 23 February 2013. Posted in Athletics

RIT Hockey took two big road wins from Mercyhurst last weekend and I loved every minute of it. It is no secret that I do not like the coaching staff at Mercyhurst, it is personal. My hockey days have passed me by, so we will never get into the details of that situation. I am, however, extremely joyful to see them fail, time and time again. With the ability to offer scholarships, that program should be way better than they end up being each year. Maybe it is the 400 fans they get, maybe it is Erie, or maybe, just maybe, everyone knows the truth about that hockey program.

Now that I have expressed my personal grievances, let’s talk some RIT Hockey. I think we have ourselves a goalie in Jordan Ruby. He has played extremely well as of late and more importantly, the whole team is playing well in front of him. RIT is on a roll, just at the right time. I think this team could actually make a run into the playoffs and I dare say they have a chance to win the conference tournament. This has been the most bizarre season in recent memory for RIT hockey. The Tigers are traditionally a slow starting team but seem to pick it up as the season progresses and are always a mainstay at the top of Atlantic Hockey. This year RIT has been a bottom dweller, fluctuating around the 10th place spot in the conference standings. This team seemed like they would never get everyone going at the same time. Most of the time the goaltending and defensive zone play have been the issue. Then Josh Watson started playing better in net, but we would not be able to score goals. Now Jordan Ruby is becoming the goalie we expected him to be and we are scoring goals for him.

RIT is 10-5-2 since December 7th and the team seems to really be coming together nicely. Freshman Dan Schuler, a Rochester native, won Rookie of the Week honors in Atlantic Hockey last week. He has really been a spark plug out there. He pressures the puck nicely and makes things happen on the ice. I would not say that he is ever going to be a huge point guy but that is not what it is all about. You need all types of players on your team, everyone has a role. When the players understand what their role on the team is, they accept that role, and they work to improve in their role, then you have yourself a team that can compete. This RIT Tigers Hockey team has figured that out right now. This has been another incredible coaching performance by Wayne Wilson, Brian Hills, Dave Insalaco, and Mike Germain.

I think we have hit the TSN turning point in the RIT Hockey season. All the hockey fans from Canada will know what that means! We have turned the corner and have ourselves a hockey team. I think RIT continues their momentum and sweeps Air Force at the Ritter Arena this weekend. RIT is in a tie for 4th place currently in Atlantic Hockey, with a real chance for a first round bye and spending the whole playoffs in Rochester, NY. All I can say is unbelievable!



RIT Sweeps Air Force