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RIT's Best Dance Crew

Melody Kelly on Friday, 25 January 2013. Posted in Clubs, Student Life

The dance competition, co-hosted by CAB (College Activities Board) and Velocity Dance Team, brought together diverse dance groups, all to battle it out for the title of RIT’s Best Dance Crew. From salsa to bhangra to breakdance, the Clark Gym was put into full motion as various dance groups took to the floor.

After an opening performance by Velocity, the first competitor to enter the stage was RIThym Crew, RIT’s breakdance club. The bboys and bgirls threw down their best moves with coordinated footwork and impressive power moves. Their performance even earned a few shoe tosses (a sign of respect from fellow dancers after a performance). Next up was RIT Bhangra. Bhangra is a type of dance that originated in the Punjab region of India. The group’s energized performance was fueled by a fusion of traditional bhangra music and hip hop, making for a truly unique experience for the audience. The following act was a salsa dance group. As they prepared to take the stage, it was apparent that the group had already won the crowd over. With shouts of support and even a few signs held by audience members, the salsa dancers began their dance. They did not disappoint their supporters as they delivered their feisty performance. The final group was the Vis Viva Dance Company, a new dance group on campus. Their versatile performance showcased their abilities from lyrical and expressive to upbeat and vivacious. The closing act was another impressive performance by Velocity, demonstrating their own abilities to wow a crowd.

At last, after some deliberation amongst the judges, the winners were announced..


RIThym Crew with the win!

Check out the second half of their performance, and be sure to come out to a practice sometime during your time at RIT (no prior experience with breakdancing required!).