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RIT's ITS Resnet Saves the Day!

Daniel Nwosu on Monday, 15 April 2013. Posted in Computing

I'd first like to thank RIT's Information Technology Services: Residential Network (ITS Resnet) for the brilliant work they do everyday. ITS Resnet basically serves as a refuge for students with technical problems ranging from connecting to RIT's campus wide wireless service to computer viruses and bugs.

About two weeks ago I noticed some clicking from my computer. I had no clue what it was so I just ignored it. After a while, the clicking became increasingly louder and louder, and became more annoying overtime. I started noticing my mac book pro getting slower by the day. This eventually turned into  freezing. So I did what any student would do and took my computer issues to ITS (probably the greatest creation since the lightbulb).

I took it in and they explained what was happening to my laptop. The clicking was the first sign of my hard drive failing, but once again ITS Resnet was there to save the day. They told me exactly what they would do to fix it and it was music to my ears. Now they're in the process of backing up all of my files from my hard drive. All that's left is to buy a new hard drive for them to install. In a few days my precious mac will be running like new. :D

If you have any issues with your computer do not hesitate to contact RIT's ITS at or ITS Resnet at!



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