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RIT School of Design

Alissa Anderson on Thursday, 14 October 2010. Posted in Coursework, Life After RIT, Majors & Minors, Student Life, Women at RIT

I have to admit, I am truly envious of the design students on campus. If I had to do it all over, and was gifted with artistic abilities, would major within the school of design. 

For those of you new to the blog, I am a mechanical engineering student. I chose to go into engineering because I love the idea of solving problems for a living - I love the way science and math can be applied to the creation of a system, device, or process that can revolutionize society. When I declared a major - problem solving was something that could only be done with math and science... but the more I learn about the school of design, the more I see the "engineering" in the art. That, plus the sleek creativity of graphic design students just takes the cake. Deign is an up-and-coming field and fueled by the social media that is our society.

I just ran into this video on Twitter and absolutely love it. It is a fabulous representation of the RIT School of Design. Check it out and read below for more on the school: 

Programs in the School of Design:

Graphic Design -  the study of communicating ideas and information though print and digital presentations. You can pick an RIT Graphic student out by their love for typography (just as Carolyn Levine and Emily Okey!) 

Industrial Design - The integration of form and function as products are designed though the combination of materials, computer aided design, and human factors. Ambassador AJ Broderick just transfered into ID and explained it as "Ali, you are the engineer and I am an industrial designer. Design me a chair, and I will make it look good." 

Interior Design - An integration of materials, function, form, and aesthetics in interior spaces. Check out Ambassador Blenda Luong for the inside scoop. 

3D Digital Graphics - The application of (3D) computer graphics in things such as video games, medical simulations, data visualization, instructional media, etc. As AJ would say "You are the GCCIS computing student, and I am the 3D Digital Graphics Student. Write the code for the video game, and I will make it look good." 
New Media Design and Imaging - (I consider this the triple threat) - focusing on students ability to visualize concepts of design, majors learn how to blend the concept of development, sound, animation, interactivity, programming, imagine, etc.  into a single work of art/communication. 

Keep on designing!