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RIT's Alphabet Soup

Amanda Lasicki on Thursday, 14 August 2008. Posted in RIT Mission

RIT has LOTS of acronyms all around campus. I spent the past few days listing as many as I could think of here. Definitely a handy guide for your first weeks here!

The ABCs of Life at RIT

ACA - AALANA Collegiate Association.

ASL - American Sign Language. Many, but not all, hard of hearing students use sign language to communicate. As a hearing student, you can take classes through liberal arts or RIT Sign which is offered at night and costs $15 per quarter.

ASLIE - American Sign Language-English Interpretation, the official name of the interpreting major here at RIT.

BCS - Brick City Singers, one of RIT's all male a cappella groups. Identified by their Hawaiian shirts.

BLT - Business Leaders for Tomorrow, a special interest house in the dorms.

CA - Community Advisor. Like an RA but for the apartments.

CAB - College Activities Board. These are students that put on activities for us throughout the school year. This includes a major concert every quarter, movies every Thursday in Ingle, and the Do Stuff for Stuff challenge in the spring.

CAST - College of Applied Science and Technology, one of RIT's eight colleges. CAST is home to Engineering Technology, Packaging Science, Hospitality and Hotel Management, Environmental Studies, and Multi-Disiplinary Studies.

CEC - Community Enrichment Coordinator. Each dorm building has a CEC which is a step above the RA.

CIAS - College of Imaging Arts and Sciences, one of RIT's eight colleges. CIAS is home to the School of American Crafts, School of Design, School of Photographic Arts and Sciences, School of Print Media, and School of Film and Animation. This college has more GIRLS than GUYS.

CMDS - Center for Multi-Disiplinary Studies. After switching majors, some students may still not be doing exactly what they want. CMDS lets them sort of create their own major.

COB - College of Business, one of RIT's eight colleges.

COLA - College of Liberal Arts, one of RIT's eight colleges. All students are required to do a concentration through the school of liberal arts which consists of three upper level classes in the same area. Many students opt to take two more classes to make it a minor. Concentrations/Minors include (but are not limited to) foreign languages, music, writing, history, psychology, and advertising.

COS - College of Science, one of RIT's eight colleges. Also home to RIT's math department.

CSH - Computer Science House, a special interest dorm.

EPB - Ellingson-Peterson-Bell, a grouping of dorms on the residential side. These dorms have a suite-style rather than the regular dorm style. From the main hall, you enter a little hall area which leads to two bedrooms and a bathroom. Bathrooms are usually shared by six to eight people.

FB - Facebook!

GCCIS - Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences, one of RIT's eight colleges. Commonly pronounced "gee-sis".

HOGS - House of General Science, a special interest house.

KGCOE - Kate Gleason College of Engineering, one of RIT's eight colleges.

LAN Parties - LAN stands for Local Area Network. Pretty much a bunch of people bring their computers to one location and log on the same network and play computer games against each other.

LOL cat - This is what inspired me to write this entry. My friend didn't know what a LOL cat was. A LOL cat is basically a picture of a cat with some text. They're actually really funny. The caption usually isn't grammatically correct. They've been starting to do other animals too, but I'm pretty sure they're also called LOL cats.

MSO - Major Student Organization. These are clubs that concern a majority of the students. MSOs are the ACA, CAB, Global Union, Greek Council, NTID Student Congress, OCASA, Reporter, RHA, SG, WITR.

NRH - Nathaniel Rochester Hall, a dorm on the residential side. This dorm has the Corner Store and the post office located on the lower level. While you live in the dorms, your mailing address with be XXX Nathaniel Rochester Hall, Rochester, NY 14623.

NTID - National Technical Institute for the Deaf, one of RIT's eight colleges. Not just deaf or hard of hearing students are in this college, the ASLIE majors are also a part of it.

OA - Orientation Assistant. Each OA has a small group of new students during orientation from the same college that they lead around and bring to activities.

OCASA - Off Campus and Apartment Student Association. Provides services to non-dorm living students like a computer lab, lockers, printing and faxing, and the RITreat, a lounge that students can hang out in the SAU. Every year OCASA puts on an apartment fair so students can find housing.

RA - Resident Advisor. There are one or two RAs per floor. If you are on a main-stream floor with both hearing and deaf students, one RA will be hearing and the other RA will at the

RHA - Residence Halls Association. They plan events for everybody living in the dorms including BBQs!!

RIT - Rochester Institute of Technology. If you didn't know this one....maybe RIT isn't the school for you. Kidding!

RITGA - RIT Gay Alliance. Sponsors activities like the Rocky Horror Picture Show and an annual drag show.

RITSMA - RIT Student Music Association. Holds music-y events like open mic nights and concerts.

SAU - Student Alumni Union. This is a building in the middle of campus that has places to hang out, places to eat, music classrooms, a game room, and Ingle Auditorium where CAB shows movies every Thursday night.

SEO - Student Employment Office. Go here to get an employment card.

SIS - Student Information Systems.  You can find your schedule here, final grades, GPA, and tons of other information. Good idea - change your local address to your dorm mailbox that way things like overdue book notices come to you and not your parents.

SG - Student Government. Kind of like Student Council for big kids. In addition to the usual President, Vice Pres, etc there are also representatives for each college and the MSOs.

SLC - Student Life Center. Contains the fitness center, wellness classes, the pool, and is attached to the Field House.

TA - Teaching Assistant. Another student who has already taken the class who helps out. They are generally present during labs to help students taking the class.

TAGA - Technical Association of Graphic Arts, a club on campus I'm a part of. Each year we gather student research papers and publish them in a book that we design ourselves.

UC - University Commons, an apartment complex on the west side of campus.

WITR - RIT's radio station 89.7.

WOW - Can either be Week of Welcome (aka Orientation) or World of Warcraft, a computer game.