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RITz Dinner

Cory Gregory on Friday, 23 March 2007. Posted in Dining

The Hospitality and Service Management department is putting on their 22nd annual RITz Dinner. It is an event that is completely run by students. This year's theme is Mediterranean Mirage. The menu will consist of foods from European countries and there will be European-based entertainment. The students from the HSM department do everything from planning the menu to prepping the food. As an incentive to get students from other departments to help out at the dinner, RIT will give all volunteers a one credit 4.0 on their GPA.

After hearing this, I decided to help out at the dinner. I mean, who wouldn't want an easy 4.0? To receive the credit, volunteers must attend three info sessions and work the dinner. I've attended two info sessions already and plan on attending a third next Thursday. During the first info session, we discussed the proper attire for the event and how to serve tables. At the end of both the first and second info sessions, we practiced carrying trays. The dinner will be held next Saturday at the DoubleTree hotel.

I think this will be a very fun night. I've always wanted a job as a waiter, and now I will have a chance to be one for a night. A couple of my friends have also volunteered for the dinner, so I will at least know a couple people there. The HSM department has even rented tuxedos for us to wear the night of the dinner! Finally, here is a copy of the menu with all the foods we will be serving at the dinner:

mediterranean mirage menu

That's all for now! Check back soon for another post!