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round two

Amanda Lasicki on Tuesday, 05 December 2006.

i'm back in rochester for winter quarter. yay? i've only had one class so far and it's one that carried over from last quarter, so there's not much to say about that.

thanks to the change in season (and the fact that i now have a car with me) i love my townhouse even more. last year, we strung a few strands of christmas lights up and made a small tree out of forks and yay we're decorated. but this year...we have a HOUSE so we have SPACE!! we have a tree in our living room and electric candles in the front windows and lights going up the stairs and lights in the kitchen and lights all around our bedrooms and we're gonna put lights up on the tree in our yard. cause we have a tree in our yard. cause we have a yard. yeah so pretty much townhouse > dorms.

it's been snowing. nothing hardcore, not snowman material yet. but it's been snowing and sticking a bit. to the point of this morning tiffy opted to take the bus rather than brush snow off her car. i love snow.

my other job is working at the photo cage. outside the cage, they have couches for people to sit on while they wait. well, up until sometime over break they were like a billion years most uncomfortable things ever. like, the wooden bench outside the fourth floor cage were comfier [is that a word??] than the couches outside the third floor cage. like, you sit on this couch and you can feel the wooden frame it is built upon. sometime before break one of our student managers made the facilities manager sit on the nastyoldcouch and he was like, "time to get new couches". so i guess they went to like raymour and flanigan or something and chose the most comfortable couches the store had. like, these things are nicer than the couches my parents have. so yay for brandspankinnewcouches. we're already betting that people are going to fight over them during afters.

i am currently watching convection happen in the melted wax of my candle. it's pretty interesting.

i keep waking up really early. 8 am both today and yesterday. i don't have to be anywhere until noon and i wake up at 8 am. honestly.

my only problem with the candles is that the candle holders are like little globes but obviously with an open top and flat bottom. i don't know how i am going to get the melted candle out. hmmm...

my friends are going to camp outside walmart again for a Wii. apparently last time they were 8 people away from getting one. they asked if i wanted to join them. i told them that i might make an appearance. something about camping out when the daytime high is 23 degrees is not very appealing to me.

sweet. the bank is open til 6 tonight, i can go bring my PAYCHECK. [= i like money.

well. i guess that's all there is to say on the morning of the second day of the second quarter of my second year. peace out.