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“RUN! EARTHQUAKE!” **updates facebook status - ‘EARTHQUAKE!!!’ **

Chad Rossi on Thursday, 24 June 2010. Posted in Rochester & Monroe County

So on June 23rd of 2010, there was a rather small but noticeable earthquake that started in Canada and was felt in Rochester, NY. While I was sitting at the desk in the admissions office with a friend of mine, we both started to feel the shake from the quake. Getting nervous, not knowing how big it would end up being, I was getting ready to grab my laptop and bolt through the front door XD. Luckily, it only lasted about 10 seconds but it definitely shook the building enough that most of the staff came running to the main lobby freaking out. At first we thought it was the construction that is taking place in front of the building but then the calls from the neighboring cities came in, asking if we felt the earthquake. 

Sooooo me with my BRILLIANT ideas thought it would be great to start a facebook group soon after the quake. The name of it is “I Survived the June 23rd, 2010 earthquake!” I posted it on my facebook wall thinking it would get maybe about 100 hits total. With the help of a few other who posted this group on there facebooks and twitters, I checked it again and over a thousand people had joined =D! 

ANDDDD to think it doesn’t get any crazier, one of the counselors informed me that the page I made was mentioned in the Democrat and Chronicle News!!! And it made the first sentence!

Quoted from the article:

A magnitude 5.0 earthquake that originated almost 12 miles deep in the Canadian earth rumbled across the northeast Wednesday, sparking plenty of talk, social media playfulness — including an "I Survived the June 23, 2010 Earthquake" Facebook page — but, thankfully, no damage of significance.”

but to read the full article, go to this page: