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Alissa Anderson on Monday, 28 June 2010. Posted in Coursework, Life After RIT, Majors & Minors, Student Life

Just as soon as I discovered how to successfully navigate youtube… my lovely film-major friends have informed me that “” is where all the cool kids post their videos. And by cool kids, they of course mean serious film students. I took their advice and checked out viemo and literally does have some cool stuff on it. So sit back, relax, and follow my video adventure through the School of Film and Animation, part of the College of Imaging Arts and Science.

Before we even arrive in the classrooms take a minute to check out the website ( the homepage alone makes me want to switch majors! SOFA has been turning students into writers, producers, directors, and creative specialists for the past 30 years. These students go on to work in the feature film, network/regional television, independent film, and non-broadcast industries.

The College of Imaging Arts and Science (CIAS) is probablyone of the most difficult colleges to explain to a tour group. When we walk though buildings like the library, or the College of Science… families can easily use their imaginations picture students reading or doing math problems. When wego into CIAS the majors are usually very foreign to most tour goers and they want to experience the short films, the illustration samples, the winterquarter furniture finals, and the glass blowing senior projects.  Often we will pass a few display cases that students can look in. But the displays in no way compare to attendance atthe senior film festival in May, or watching the homework assignments of fellowstudents on viemo or youtube.

Check out Brett Wilson, a fourth year Film Animationstudent. Brett and I have spent that last two years working together in Residence Life – and I never fully believed that students at RIT would actually have a shot at working for the big names out in the Hollywood Hills… but Brett’s Demo Reel totally proved me wrong, these animation students have skillsworth shouting about:


More from Brett:

Brendan Nagle is a recent graduate from the Film and Animation program. I know Nagle through a Greek connection (AEPi) and have spent the past 2 years being invited to be an extra in his films for class. Forhis senior project Nagle filmed “Homecoming” and I made it out to one shooting during production. It’s hard to explain the film major to someone who has notseen it in action, but when I walked on set I was met by a full camera crew, sound crew, dressing room….etc - The full 9-yards for a homework project.  Really cool stuff.  I made it out to the senior film festival to see the final feature and it blew me away that two floors above me,Nagle had actually managed to write, direct, produce, and film his own movie. Ticket to Hollywood? Let me know what you think:


More from Nagle:

Being on a campus such as RIT not only gives you the ability to major in whatever you want, it also grants you the opportunity to dabble in different majors. That may mean minors, double majors, or random classes. It also might mean renting your own camera equipment from “The Cage” in building 7and making your own films….just for fun. Check out Joel Witwer:


Those were just a few examples from the Film and Animation School… check out the website for more details and films.