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Adam Richlin on Thursday, 11 January 2007. Posted in Coursework

I was going to upload some of the pictures from my last film shoot, but wordpress isn't letting me. I'll just link there instead...

I've recently been having lots of fun working days and nights on Chris Hill's film project, Pressure. Chris is a third year student and a pretty good director. He has a clear vision for what he want and goes straight for it, which is surprisingly hard to find among student directors. Bryan Carroll is the DP (cinematographer), and I get to play all the rest of the parts as the assistant- sound, set dresser, assistant cameraman (AC), and so forth.

We've built two sets up to this point- one in a MiniMart in downtown Rochester and a "storage room" in Studio 116. The minimart wasn't that hard of a project, just long shoot days. The store was already there, so the set was mostly done before
we got there. The whole store was a small triangle about a the size of college dorm room with a second floor wrap around balcony. There was very very little space to work. So when I had to be the boom mic operator, I had to actually climb on top of the soda refrigerators in order to get out of the camera's view. Whew! There was a good half-inch thick layer of dust up there. It didnt bother me that much... it was more fun at the end of the
day to be able to look down at my pants and say "Wow I'm dirty! That was worth it!"

There's a saying in film among Cinematographers... "If the shot is easy to get, you didnt get the best possible shot." There were a number of times when I had crammed myself into a weird position in the corner to get a shot when that saying was playing through my head : )