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Sex, Drugs, & Rock and Roll

Stacy Kowsz on Wednesday, 04 April 2007. Posted in The Arts

Wine, Women, and Song
Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll

What else do you expect from college kids?

There are just a few modifications for this generation.

1) Sleep is the new sex.

College students, maybe more than any other group in the population, are sleep deprived. Going to bed early is 1 am. Getting 6 or less hours of sleep a night starts to catch up with you. Sure, most all college students have mastered the skill of napping: anywhere, any time. But it isn't that hard when you walk around constantly tired. But, somehow the body accepts it; being at perhaps our prime level of functioning, we are somehow able to force our bodies and brains to adapt. Or at least, to unhappily comply with our long hours.

Seriously, sleep is the new sex:

13,778 people are in one of the facebook groups created to recognize this societal change. This group points out:

"You think about it all the time...

You talk about it; brag and make jokes.
"Oh man, you won't even believe how many hours it lasted."
"You're kidding! All I got last night was a five minute quickie!"
The fact of the matter is, you NEED it.
We all have our "requirements." Our "quotas."
Don't be ashamed.
It's perfectly natural!
And, like it or not, everyone does it.
Our grandparents did it... Oprah does it... In fact, your mom is probably doing it right now.
And if you don't get enough?
You're not alone.
The nights are the worst.
That's when you walk down the halls knowing that EVERYONE AROUND YOU IS GETTIN' SOME."

2) Caffeine is the drug of choice.

I do believe that college students may run on caffeine. Like how your car needs to have gas in the tank to move, college students need caffeine to function.

People are willing to pay pretty much anything that they need to for the fossil fuels that run our world. Similarly, somehow people pay a ridiculous amount for their caffeine fixes. I'm not really sure how Starbucks can get away with charging the prices that they do. It puzzles me how poor college students (as most every college student is poor and going deeper into debt all the time) can afford to buy their coffees, lattes, espressos, cappuccinos, etc. etc. (Whatever, I don't drink coffee; though I am a tea addict; I'm not to the level of a double shot espresso drinker, but I still rely on the kick I can get from the most extra-caffeinated teas.)

3) Ok, so maybe there is no real modification for the last one:

Music is timeless.

Music surrounds me pretty much 24/7. Literally. Even when there is no one in the room, there is usually a computer playing music. I fall asleep to music, I work out to music, I listen to music when I have to walk to class. When there is no music playing, I feel things are so very silent, and maybe a little awkward.

We are a generation of music. Technology has done wonders for us. I have at my fingertips pretty much any song, whenever I want it, so long as I have internet access (and when do I not have internet access?).

Ok, so it's not convenient to walk around with my computer in front of my face (though I could do it, if I so desired). However, for this purpose, there is my iPod, which gives me access to whatever variety of music I choose to put on it; it doesn't have the hundreds of days worth of music that my hard drive does, but let's just say it should be enough to get me through.

Ok, end of this far too long entry.
I need to do some homework (which probably will first require some caffeine), and then get me some sleep.