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Shot in the Dark

Patricia Schiotis on Thursday, 08 October 2009. Posted in Dining, Student Life

Waking up for an 8am class seems impossible.  I roll out of bed, and grab my books and take off to a day full of class and homework.  I shuffle into class, just before the lecture begins.  Time ticks by slowly.  Every second is a painful moment, waiting to be dismissed.  Once I leave my 8am, I hustle to the coffee shop within the Library.  Java Wallys is heaven for the tired college student.  I wait in line, ready to order my normal drink before my 10am class.  A shot in the dark, iced, with no whipped cream.


Once my drink is in hand, I rush to get to my class.  Although I am a few minutes late, it was well worth it.  I will soon consume my entire drink and slowly gain the energy to make it though my 5 hours of class, and the countless hours spent in the library.