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sights and sounds revisited.

Amanda Lasicki on Saturday, 10 February 2007. Posted in The Arts

i love singers. i just thought i'd throw that out there. today we had our rehearsal in the church we will be performing in tomorrow. i love the way choirs and orchestras sound in large churches. courtney and i had a few problems finding it. it's on a main street and it just didn't stand out enough from the surrounding buildings. when i told this to another friend he said, "what the steeple and cross didn't clue you in?" and when i said you he proposed that city churches should have neon yellow steeples so i can find them. wonderful. rehearsal went pretty well. we're doing beethoven's choral fantasy with the orchestra and the whole thing is nearly thirty minutes long and today is the first time we've done the entire thing. its tiring.

on the ride home, default came on the radio. and courtney and i were like "oh man freshman year." as in high school. it's funny how some music can remind you of things so well. it's like if you listen and close your eyes, it's like you're back in that time. i guess it goes along with that whole "scent is the strongest sense tied to memory."

picture of the week:

current annoyances about the big move/my mother:
spring break plans.
the price of plane tickets.
my lack of transportation to and from the airport.
FAA limitations of carry on luggage.
the fact that whatever i want to take with me i have to be able to carry.
my mom bragging about her "gated community"
me looking up reviews about the community and seeing the main complaint being the gates are broken and don't get shut.
me telling my mom about the above.
my mom making me check crime reports for the street.
the fact that there are stolen vehicles and burglaries galore on her street.
(way to look into things mom)

and one last comment/rant/statement. one day my friend came into class and said, "they're cleaning the carpets in the dorms and it smells like wet dog. well, more like twenty wet dogs." things smell bad when wet. everything smells bad when wet. everything smells like wet dog when wet. like building seven. these are places that wet dogs don't go!! yeah, i know. random. but really, i'm gonna start carrying around fabreeze at all times.